Monday, 31 March 2014

Crocheted Square with Raised Heart

Just thought I'd pop by with a little quick entry and for a real change it's my first ever crochet pattern!

I recently followed a pattern in a book that my Mother-in-Law purchased that had a bow design made out of the bobbles. This turned out well and then the grey matter said "Hey we could play with this". So off I went to find a pad of squared paper and a pencil, and that is how this heart was created.

The stitch for those of you who do not know how it's done is very easy and I will take you through it in a second step by step.

The pattern I've included at the end of this blog and its the design as I drew it on the squared paper. The red squares are the bobbles and the blank squares are double crochet. You start with 28 chain and then work a double crochet into the 2nd chain in from the hook, and then 1 double crochet is worked into every chain stitch after that making 27 stitches, at the end of each row make 1 chain before turning. That is the foundation row( 1st row) the 2nd and 3rd rows are just 1 double crochet worked into each stitch. Row 4 the pattern begins with 1 bobble stitch worked into the 14th stitch being the centre.

Right now for the bobble stitch, start to work a treble stitch but stop once there are just 2 stitches left on the hook as in the picture.

Then do this again, so there is 3 stitches on the hook.

And again so you have 4 stitches on the hook.

And now a 4th time so you will end up with 5 stitches on the hook.

Now put the yarn round the hook----

And pull it through all 5 stitches.

So you have worked 4 open trebles before drawing the thread through all 5 stitches. The bobbles are formed on the underside of the work incase you wondered why there was no bobble visible!

I used 4ply cotton and a 3.50mm hook and the square measures 13cm x 13cm.

Here is the pattern and I hope you find it fairly easy to follow. In actual fact it probably is easier to follow if you are someone who picks up their work and does a couple of rows and then puts it down as you can just make a pen mark by the side of the row that you are on. All odd numbered rows are just double crochet so it's quite easy.

Ok I'm off now to cook some supper, happy crocheting and hopefully I'll see you back here soon for some more creative ideas. Have a good week and take care, many thanks as always for stopping by and don't forget if you have any comments, questions or queries do leave them at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you asap. Bye for now Jane x

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