Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Many Uses of Word Cards

Good evening and welcome to you all, tonight I'd like to share with you a little gem that was given to me by my husband. He spotted these wonderful pads/word cards and bought one for me and one for himself, he has now ordered another 2 !!

I have been using mine to try out inks, paints, stains, pan pastels, embossing etc and he is a big fan of fountain pens so is using his cards for experimenting with inks and nibs.

Unlike ordinary journals or pads these unclip so each card can be used individually without soiling any previous work.

And the ink/medium used can be listed on the back.

This keeps everything clear and neat for referral at a later date.

Easy to take 1 or 2 out if you want to match a colour.

Wow who would have thought that there was so much colour in fountain pen ink!

I suppose these are a bit like ATC's that you can keep for yourself.

And they hang on a hook beautifully !

These great word cards have a fantastic texture, I only wish they came in other sizes.

If you are wondering how to obtain your pad of 100 cards you can click on the link which will take you straight to the item at The Journal Shop here. ( No affiliation, just a happy customer)
You can also buy them on eBay post free!

Well there's many hours of experimenting with colour combinations and various mediums left in my first pad so I shall leave you all now. Hope you all have a good week, take care Jane x

PS. If you have any questions about these cards please don't hesitate to leave a message at the bottom and I will endeavour  to answer them asap.

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