Friday, 16 October 2015

Oh No, Face Drawing!!!

Well Leandra you certainly know how to fill people with DREAD! Over on PaperArtsy's Blog the challenge this fortnight is Faces and I'm certain that I was not the only person who said out loud "No Way" but a challenge is a challenge after all-----
So I set to and watched various videos and I have to say the Dina Wakely's were for me the easiest to follow and encouraged me to put pencil to paper.

I decided to do a plain pencil drawing first to see how difficult it would be. Hmmm not too bad for the very first attempt since secondary school in the late 1960's.

Watched more videos and then made a background for my poor unsuspecting lady.

Not too dark Dina said!

Once I'd drawn the face in pencil I then decided ( or chickened out!) not to paint my face but to use charcoal instead.

I felt more comfortable with attempting the shading with the charcoal and I am very fond of the lovely texture it gives.

I added a little scattered straw DI to the edges which I felt added some warmth to the whole piece.

Well I'm pleasantly surprised with the finished piece, I know there are plenty of faults and I'm not really happy with the shape of the mouth but this time last week I would have said "I can't draw a face" so many thanks to Leandra and all at PaperArtsy for the challenge.

Hope you all have a good weekend and if you have a spare 15mins do watch Dina Wakely's videos as they are a brilliant place to start. Bye for now and take care, Jane x


  1. She is fabulous! (fantastic hair) I love the colours you have used - great background too.
    Have a lovely weekend....... Gill x

  2. Love the hair! I really couldn't figure out the hair, and realized that very often heir has flowers and other stuff... I think they are ment to gather attention from the hairline that felt impossible :) at least that is what I did. And yes, a week ago I would have also claimed I can't do a face... now I'm just waiting for the time to try another one!

  3. I'm so glad that you rose to the Face Challenge. It's so satisfying to create faces - a great form of self-expression and practice really does help. This is a lovely creation. I do hope you will do more. xx

  4. How lovely....and how satisfying to be able to push yourself and get a pleasing result! She is fab!

  5. It's so great that with a bit of guidance thanks to dina, that you jumped in! And what a great result it is too!! Loving the charcoal too. Well done!! ~Leandra

  6. I think your face is amazing Jane!!!
    And congratulations to have won the PA challenge :) (just seen that by chance haha!)
    Hugs to you xx